Project Management Insight for Instructional Designers


The Electronic Learning and Teaching Exchange wiki is a free site created by Kansas State University to foster a public exchange of e-learning and teaching resources. The site is growing and it is hoped that it will attract long time users. There is a wealth of information available on the site. And, while it is not specifically a project management resource, there is a page devoted to course issues which provides a huge number of links on the topic. These links provide valuable insight into things one might not even have considered. For example, there are articles on branding or standards for student participation which should be considered when designing a project. Such articles give real examples of potential tasks that should be added to a project. For me, this will be a worthwhile site to follow.

Project Management for Instructional Designers

This book, which is available online, provides all sorts of information on project management for instructional design. The chapters in the book align with those in the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK guide. The information provided in the book, such as that discussed in the risk management section, give insight into considerations that should be made for risk.


The current and appropriate articles available on this site are perfect for up to date project management considerations. A search for the term project management yields a wide variety of articles related to project management and instructional design. Articles include eLearning project managers, project management on a shoestring budget, tools timelines, tips and pitfalls. There is so much information available on this site that it requires frequent visits


5 thoughts on “Project Management Insight for Instructional Designers

  1. Good selection of resources, I like the Elatewiki; as it provide articles on branding or standards for designing a project. I am however, drawn to the and the e-book that is provided on this site. I think it has much needed information to assist in estimating cost. I am looking forward to reading this book and learning from its content.

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  2. The Project Management for Instructional Designers is an interesting website and book. I found the website the first week of class. The book is written by students and they encourage others to participate in helping with the book. I am curious what you thought of the book?


  3. That is a very helpful selection of resources, I like the fact you kept it short – usually that means good quality, and that list is no exception. I really hope that eLearning wiki will grow, as I’m sure there’s a lot of people with interesting content that’s just waiting to be shared, wouldn’t you agree?


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